In brief

Mosaic Solutions AS develops novel conductive materials for an array of applications. One of our latest innovations is an electrical conductive adhesive where we replace expensive solid silver with unique metal coated polymer particles. The use of polymers reduces thermo mechanical stress and increase reliability of interconnections. We have also developed general purpose silver epoxies that are very price competitive.

Mosaic Solutions AS was spun out from Conpart AS in 2009. Conpart AS is the leading high-tech company within applications and production of uniform size dispersed polymer spheres for the electronics industry. Based on exclusive rights to Conpart technology we are developing a novel design and manufacturing process for isotropic conductive adhesives. Mosaic Solutions AS is based in Norway, but we have established partnerships internationally to ensure that we are on the cutting edge of material and interconnect technology. The technical development is performed in collaboration with Conpart AS, Loughborough University, SINTEF and the Institute for Energy Technology with support from The Research Council of Norway and Innovation Norway.

Mosaic Solutions AS is a Norwegian high-tech company that formulates conductive materials for specific applications.